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Amazon Updating Kindle for 2022

Credit: Unsplash

The new model includes improved charging and a better screen.

While not as massive a sector as phones and tablets, e-readers have maintained a steadfast userbase thanks to their convenience and relatively more accessible pricing. Amazon in particular still remains one of the top dogs of the e-reader sector, and they endeavor to stay that way with the latest update to their Kindle line.

Amazon announced this week that their basic Kindle e-reader will receive an update for 2022. This new model will cost $99, and will feature a handful of tweaks and updates to bring it closer in line with higher-end Kindle models without getting too wild with it. For one thing, the new model will feature an improved display, boasting sharper, clearer text display. This new display is slated to be on par with the previous second-tier Kindle model, the Kindle Paperwhite. The 2022 model also features a basic backlight, though it isn’t as inherently customizable as the backlight display on higher-end Kindle models.

The new model also features a doubled 16GB of storage over the previous model’s 8GB, allowing users to store more books and apps at once. Perhaps most interestingly is the official changeover to USB-C charging. In accordance with changing industry standards, Amazon has finally dumped the microUSB charger in favor of the USB-C standard.

Pre-orders are already open for the new Kindle model. Additionally, Amazon will be releasing a revamped Kindle Kids model with similar upgrades.