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Brazil Weighs Mandatory USB-C Chargers

Credit: Unsplash

Brazil may join the EU in requiring a universal charging standard.

Earlier this month, the European Union passed a new law requiring all electronics manufacturers to switch to the universal standard of USB-C connections for charging their devices. Any company looking to continue doing business in the EU will need to acquiesce to this law by 2024. While most manufacturers can easily make this switch or already use USB-C, it has proven to be a greater pressure on companies like Apple, who mostly use proprietary tech. If a new proposal from Brazil is any indication, though, Apple may not have a choice in the matter.

Today, Brazilian telecoms regulator Anatel launched a public consultation to propose a similar USB-C charging standard to the EU. In documents for the proposal, Anatel explained that a universal charging standard would be more convenient for users, and would also help cut down on the prevalence of e-waste. “Aware of the aforementioned movements in the international market, Anatel’s technical area evaluated the topic and presented a proposal with a similar approach for application in the Brazilian market,” Anatel explained on its blog.

In a similar vein to the EU’s law, Anatel conceded that a universal charging standard could result in increased regulation costs, as well as discourage innovation from companies. However, not long after passing their law, the EU assured that it could be updated as necessary with any major technological developments.

“Don’t think we’re setting something in stone for the next 10 years,” EU internal market commissioner Thierry Breton told reporters. “We have a standard that is being developed, and we have a dedicated team that will keep a close eye on all this and adapt as time goes by. We will evolve.”