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Uber Testing Ads in Push Notifications

Credit: Unsplash

Your Uber app may start pushing ads from other companies in your notifications.

Modern technology usage is a constant battle between users and advertisers. Advertisers try to promote their products in just about every conceivable way to users, while users do their utmost to escape from them. Based on some new Uber notifications that iPhone users have been receiving, it seems advertisers have found another avenue of pestering: other companies’ push notifications.

In the past week, users of the Uber app on iPhones have been reporting getting push notifications from the app advertising other companies like Peloton. Most users leave notifications on for their Uber app, since they want to know when their driver is coming, which means this new avenue of advertising has proven especially frustrating.

In an email to TechCrunch, Uber downplayed the ad, promising it was just a test and not a permanent feature. “This was a limited test and users can always manage their mobile notification settings under Privacy and then Notifications in the app,” said Noah Edwardsen, an Uber spokesperson, in the email.

This new test follows a recent proclamation from Uber to diversify its advertising partners and deliver more of their ads in both the regular Uber app and in the Uber Eats app. “Through our advertising division, we can help leading brands grow their relationships with consumers by connecting them at a moment when a customer is uniquely attentive,” Mark Grether, general manager of Uber advertising, said on the company’s blog.