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SpaceX Is Currently Developing Mars Rockets In Texas

Elon Musk has been developing Mars rockets in a launch site owned by SpaceX in South Texas since September 2014.

Although it was in 2012 when the site was first bought by the company, it was only two years later that SpaceX got the approval from various governments to build what was apparently the “world’s first commercial spaceport.” Initially, the space technology company planned to create a dozen of their rockets in this facility and launch it on-site. But now, the site is being used to develop Starship, formerly known as Big Falcon Rocket, the main rocket that Musk is hoping will allow people to go to Mars.

According to the report from BI, the new spaceship, along with its entire launch pad, could end up measuring up to 400 feet tall. It could also “lower the cost of accessing space by a factor of 10, and enable humanity to walk upon Mars in the mid-2020s and build a sustainable city there in the 2050s.”

Musk says one Starship has enough strength to carry about 100 people inside, as well as 150 tons of cargo. Once it gets to the surface of Mars, it would then be able to refuel on methane and oxygen from Mars to last it as long as it needs before coming back to Earth.