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Sony to Skip Tokyo Game Show 2022

Credit: Unsplash

The wait for God of War continues.

Sony’s got quite a few big-name games in the oven right now, from God of War: Ragnarok to Final Fantasy 16, but at the moment, both of those games are still a bit light in both the gameplay footage and release date departments. It’s for this reason that fans were hoping to get some Sony action at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show, but unfortunately, it seems we’re going to be waiting a bit longer for new details.

This morning, the official exhibitor list was released for this year’s Tokyo Game Show. The lineup includes some of the usual suspects like Bandai Namco, Capcom, and Sega, as well as a surprise appearance by Microsoft, who doesn’t always show up for the TGS. However, the list features a notable exclusion: PlayStation. The exhibitor list shows not a hide nor hair of either Sony or its console line.

Sadly, this most likely means that, while studios like Square Enix will be present at the event, if Sony’s not in attendance, we probably won’t be receiving any new details on their big upcoming releases. Square could release some controlled info about Final Fantasy 16 if Sony gives the go-ahead, but God of War will probably be a no-show. So far, the only confirmed PlayStation presence at the expo will be a smaller exhibit of PlayStation-sponsored indie games.

As for when we’ll get some concrete release news, we’ll likely need to wait for another State of Play presentation. Rumors are circulating that Sony may hold one soon, but nothing official has emerged as of writing.