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Razer Releases Its Own Smart Glasses

Credit: Unsplash

Surprisingly, they’re not covered in RGB lighting.

When you say “smart glasses,” people usually think of one of two things: a pair of glasses with an AR overlay, such as the ill-fated Google Glass, and glasses with built-in smart speakers. Since the former hasn’t really been fully realized technologically, tech companies are mostly focusing on the latter. The latest company to join in on the glasses craze is Razer, known for their quality gaming PC accessories.

Yesterday, Razer simultaneously announced and released the Anzu Smart Glasses, their very own pair of smart speaker-equipped glasses. Much like other commercially available smart glasses the Anzu glasses feature smart speakers built into the temples. These speakers have a built-in mic and are touch sensitive, and they’re compatible with all current smartphone assistants. In an interesting departure from other smart glasses on the market, though, the Anzu glasses utilize two separate speakers in each temple, as opposed to a connected pair. This can offer true wireless audio, though apparently you have to charge both sides of the glasses separately, which is a little wonky.

The glasses feature a few customization options. You can get either square frames or circular frames, and every pair comes with two pairs of lenses; one pair offers 35% blue light protection, the other pair are sunglasses lenses that guard against 99% of UV light. The standard lenses are clear, but if you need prescription lenses, Razer has cut a deal with Lensabl to get you 15% off custom lenses.

The Anzu glasses have a battery life of around 5 hours, though they go to sleep every time you fold them up, so they can conserve their power for up to two weeks without needing a top off. They’ve also got IPX4 waterproofing, so while you probably don’t want to wear them in a rainstorm, they can handle sweat and minor splashes.

Razer’s Anzu glasses are available now on their online store and at US and Canada Best Buys for $199.99.