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Google Services Tracking Your Location Even When They’re Off

Credit: Junkee

You can run, but you can’t hide from Google.

Google services on smartphones store our location data regardless of whether we alter our privacy settings. Google will consistently ask you if they can use your location for travel purposes. If you agree to this, you will be able to see a location history.

But you also have the option to turn off your location and disable tracking. Google has stated that places that you visit will not be stored as a result. However, some Google apps store time-stamped location data automatically, and this is all done without ever informing you.

A snapshot is taken whenever you open Google Maps so your location is tracked. The same is true when you request weather notifications. Our latitude and longitude identification are also tracked when we perform simple searches.

To counter this invasive scanning, a more detailed way of turning off your location tracking has been released. To turn off your location history, you should go to a setting called “Web & App Activity” that is already set to share your information. This can be located by signing into your Google account.

Once you’ve logged into your Google account, click on the settings option. You then click on the “Personal Info & Privacy” option and select “Go to my Activity.” Select “Activity Controls” and you will see the option for “Web & App Activity.” You can then press the pause option and stop the hidden navigation tracking from occurring.

More and more stories of people being tracked and watched continue to emerge. There are hidden ways, as evidenced above, to stop this from happening. Fully research all of your electronic devices to be sure you are always safe.