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App Uses Vibration to Take Handsfree Panoramic Photos, Videos

  Cycloramic is a new app that allows users to take handsfree panoramic photos and videos. It was widely discovered when it’s creator, Bruno Fancois, appeared on ABC’s ‘Shark Tank.’. After that appearance, the company made $200,000 in 60 minutes. Cycloramic will spin your phone to take full 360 degree photos or video. The app […]

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You Can Now Send Anyone A Direct Message On Twitter

Twitter has enabled an old feature that lets anyone to send you a direct message, even if you don’t follow them. Twitter announced on Monday that all users will now the option to be able to receive direct messages from any other user. The setting was originally introduced in fall 2013 but only rolled out […]

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Tiny Mobile Printer Rolls Across a Page

  It could be possible in the near future to replace your desktop printer with an itty-bitty robot that rolls around the page like a Roomba. Zuta Labs is looking to revolutionize printing with a mobile robotic printer that’s roughly the size of a can of soda called the Pocket Printer. Current this little printing […]

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Twitter Backtracks on Blocking

  The Twittersphere was in an uproar after the social media company allowed blocked Twitter users to view or tweet at people who had blocked them. Twitter quickly reversed the changes to its blocking feature after user revolted. The good news is that even though Twitter may not always know what its users want, they […]

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