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May 2024 Lineup Unveiled for Xbox Game Pass Subscribers!


Credit: Unsplash

Get ahead of the game with May’s Xbox Game Pass lineup!

Xbox Game Pass subscribers have much to anticipate as the platform unveils its upcoming lineup for May 2024. With only three confirmed titles announced thus far, the promise of thrilling new releases such as Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 and Hauntii awaits eager subscribers.

Scheduled for release on May 9, players can embark on an open-world adventure as mischievous feline protagonists in “Little Kitty, Big City.” Following shortly after on May 21, the highly anticipated “Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2” promises to deliver unparalleled graphics and an immersive gaming experience, serving as a sequel to the critically acclaimed “Senua’s Sacrifice.” Finally, on May 23, players can immerse themselves in the unique indie game “Hauntii,” where they assume the role of a ghost solving puzzles using supernatural abilities.

Despite the limited number of confirmed titles, the Xbox Game Pass library is dynamic and regularly updated, ensuring a diverse selection of games for subscribers. However, subscribers should also be mindful of potential game removals, as titles are rotated out each month.

The Xbox Game Pass April 2024 lineup witnessed several day-one releases, including “Another Crab’s Treasure” and “Manor Lords,” providing subscribers with ample gaming options. Furthermore, Xbox Game Pass Core introduced three additional games, enhancing the gaming experience for subscribers.

Looking ahead, fans can expect more announcements regarding the May 2024 lineup, with potential release dates set to be revealed at the ID at Xbox showcase on April 29, 2024, at 10 a.m. PT. As the month progresses, subscribers can anticipate further additions to the roster, offering a plethora of gaming options.