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X Users to Pay $1 For App Use

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Twitter Introduces New ‘Not A Bot’ Program in the Philippines and New Zealand

Twitter, the globally renowned social media platform, is making strides to combat spam and fake accounts with the introduction of the ‘Not A Bot’ program, currently under testing in the Philippines and New Zealand. Under this innovative initiative, new users registering on Twitter will be asked to pay a nominal $1 annual subscription fee to create an account.

This strategic move comes in the wake of Twitter’s commitment to provide users with a more genuine, less cluttered, and spam-free social experience. By introducing this annual fee for new account registrations, Twitter aims to reduce the number of bots and ultimately curtail spam activity on its platform.

The ‘Not A Bot’ program offers new users the choice to pay the $1 annual fee or opt for the Twitter Blue subscription, which grants them exemption from this charge. However, for those who choose not to pay, their accounts will remain read-only, allowing them to consume tweets but preventing them from making new posts or engaging with other users.

It is important to note that this new policy solely applies to new user registrations and will not affect existing Twitter users in any way. The existing user base can continue to use the platform as usual, free from any annual subscription fees.

Twitter believes that paid subscriptions, in addition to other recent features, such as verified badges and the highly requested edit button, have proven effective in minimizing the presence of bots and spam. This innovative approach aligns with Twitter’s mission to ensure a more authentic and valuable user experience.

As of now, the ‘Not A Bot’ program is exclusively being tested in the Philippines and New Zealand, and Twitter intends to monitor the results before considering its implementation on a global scale. The company remains committed to making measured, thoughtful changes that enhance user satisfaction.

The swift evolution of Twitter since its acquisition by Elon Musk has sparked mixed reactions within the Twitter community. While some users welcome the changes, others express concerns about the platform’s shift towards a paid model.

Twitter’s ‘Not A Bot’ program is just one of the many recent innovations aimed at enhancing the user experience while generating additional revenue through subscription models. As the social media landscape continues to evolve, Twitter remains dedicated to offering a unique and vibrant platform for users worldwide.