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Huawei Releases Pura 70 Series to Challenge Apple in China


Credit: Unsplash

Huawei has launched its latest lineup of smartphones, the Pura 70 series, in a strategic move to bolster its position in China and intensify competition with Apple in the regional market.

The unveiling of the Pura 70 series marks Huawei’s continued resurgence in China, following the successful launch of its Mate 60 smartphone last year, which featured a high-end chip despite ongoing challenges from U.S. sanctions.

Designed to rival Apple’s iPhone 15 range, the Pura 70 series offers premium smartphone features at competitive price points. With four distinct models – the Pura 70, Pura 70 Pro, Pura 70 Pro Plus, and Pura 70 Ultra – Huawei aims to directly challenge Apple’s dominance in the Chinese smartphone market.

In the first six weeks of 2024, Huawei experienced a remarkable 64% year-over-year increase in smartphone shipments in China, according to Counterpoint Research, while Apple’s iPhone sales declined by 24% during the same period.

Key features of the Pura 70 series include textured back covers, expansive screens, and advanced camera systems with capabilities such as long-range zoom and high-speed object tracking. Moreover, all devices in the series are powered by HarmonyOS 4.2, Huawei’s proprietary operating system developed in response to U.S. sanctions.

While Huawei has not disclosed specific details about the central processing chip used in the Pura 70 series, speculation suggests the utilization of the Huawei-designed Kirin 9010 processor, building upon the semiconductor breakthrough achieved by the company last year.

The introduction of the Pura 70 series underscores Huawei’s commitment to innovation and its determination to reclaim market share in China’s competitive smartphone landscape. With a focus on premium features, competitive pricing, and proprietary technology, Huawei aims to solidify its position as a leading player in the Chinese smartphone market.