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Which TV Streaming Service Is Right for You?

With several new TV streaming options available, it can be hard to decide which to choose. Here’s what you need to know if you’re thinking of ditching cable.

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Even TVs Can Collect Data on You, Thanks to Samsung

Samsung’s Smart TV could potentially record what you are saying in your living room and send it to third parties.

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Is It The End of Plasma TVs?

There is a universal truth when it comes to technology; eventually it will become obsolete…and that seems to be what’s in the future for plasma TV sets. Plasma TVs look to be in peril after Panasonic announced it’ll stop making them in March 2014. CNET’s Brian Cooley tells you why there’s a major shift under […]

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Slingbox Brings You Live Video Streaming

Slingbox made it possible to watch games live even when away from cable TV. Now it’s updating it’s technology for Roku, iPad, and Windows. Could this be a better alternative to Apple TV or Chromecast?

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3D TVs and Their Accessories

A 3D TV is a television set that comes with the compatibility of three dimensional presentation or sound system. It is a feature found on higher end LED, LCD and plasma TV’s and is a relatively new feature that is steadily gaining in popularity. It employs several 3D techniques such as stereoscopic presentation, multi-viewing channels […]

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HDTV Resolution: The Numbers Game

When out looking for a new flat-screen television, there are a few things that can be mystifying, and most confusing are the numbers that appear to describe a television’s resolution quality.   480i, 1080p and 720p may as well be Greek, and fast-talking salesmen at the electronics shop don’t make matters any easier.  However, resolution and […]

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Home TV Buying Guide

In the age of information, where we are bombarded with several thousand advertisements every day, it may be extremely difficult to buy products that one really requires. It is very easy now to be affected by the glamour and gloss of products, their sleek designs and celebrity endorsements rather than basic functionality and features. This […]

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New Smart TVs by Samsung, launched in US

Everyone wants to be assured that they are provided the superior quality products at affordable prices so that they can get value for their money. Samsung is among those brands that ensure that the customers are provided the most feasible options for their purchases that will allow them to reap huge amount of potential benefits […]

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