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Samsung Rumored to Unveil Bezel-less TV at CES

Credit: Pocket-lint

It’s like a floating window in your living room.

So if you didn’t know (and I wouldn’t blame you, because I didn’t know either until recently), the plastic part around your TV or computer monitor is called the bezel. It’s a term aped from the jewelry industry that refers to the little groove in a ring that holds a gemstone. Fitting for flat screens since, y’know, liquid crystal? Eh he he… sorry. Anyway, as screens become bigger and fancier, the bezel has grown progressively smaller. It’s always still there, though, at least if you look closely. Samsung has allegedly decided they’re tired of that.

According to rumors from Samsung news site SamMobile, the electronics company may be unveiling the world’s first bezel-less TV at CES 2020. Other large TVs have claimed to be zero-bezel before while still having a visible border, but this new model allegedly has no outer border whatsoever. Apparently, Samsung was able to make this happen by welding the display panel directly to the main body of the TV. Apparently, though, this process doesn’t mesh well with smaller TVs, so the bezel-less models would only come in 65-inch screens or larger.

Samsung filed a trademark for the term “zero-bezel” in Europe a couple of months ago, and according to SamMobile, the idea has already received the go-ahead from Kim Hyun-seok, Samsung’s head of consumer electronics. If they were going to reveal a new kind of TV, it’d definitely be at CES.