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How to Watch the Super Bowl Without Cable

Credit: Unsplash

In case you need to convince your dad to finally cut that cord.

For at least a good few years now, my parents have gotten the lion’s share of their entertainment from streaming. They had to be dragged off cable kicking and screaming, but after my sister commissioned me to secretly install a Roku on their TV, everything’s been rosy since. The only reason my dad even keeps his cable package anymore is so he can watch sports, but these days, you don’t even need cable to watch Sunday night football live. With the Super Bowl coming up soon, here’s how you can watch the big game, even if you’ve already cut your cable.

The Super Bowl airs every year on CBS, along with all those fun commercials. However, as streaming has gotten more prolific, the networks saw the writing on the wall and quickly got on board the bandwagon. This is why, in addition to their usual cable television schedule, you can watch the Super Bowl live through CBS’ various services. If you don’t mind watching on your computer, you can watch the game live on CBS’ website, or you can watch it through the CBS Sports smartphone app. Certain devices like Rokus can watch the game through CBS All Access, though this does require a subscription.

If you don’t have an All Access subscription, don’t panic yet; you might be able to watch the game on a service you’re already subscribed to. Besides CBS, the game will also be streaming on multiple live TV streaming apps available on Roku, Apple TV, and more. These apps include FuboTV, YouTube TV, Sling TV, Hulu’s Live TV package, and AT&T TV. You’ve got a lot of options for watching the big game, so all you gotta do is make sure you have access to at least one, get a big bowl of chips, and plop your butt down on the couch.