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How to Clean a Flat-Screen TV

Credit: Unsplash

Treat your TV well, and it’ll treat you well.

I’ll never quite understand how debris finds its way onto my TV’s screen. I’m not rubbing my hands all over it on a regular basis, but there has been more than one occasion where random pieces of crud get stuck to the screen. It’s a mystery, but nevertheless, little dots on your screen are irritating, and so they must be dealt with. Considering this past weekend was the Super Bowl, your likelihood of random crud on your TV screen has probably increased, so here’s how to clean it.

Remember first and foremost that the liquid crystal display on a flat-screen TV is not the same thing as the glass displays on old tube TVs. If you splash it with a bucketful of water, you’re just gonna break it. To wipe splotches of dust and debris from the screen, use a lint-free microfiber cloth, the same kind you’d use to clean your glasses or wipe down a phone screen. Make sure to do a few passes along the entire screen from one end to another so there aren’t any dust build-ups left in the middle.

Credit: Unsplash

If there are some tricky bits stuck to the screen, you can spray a very small amount of clean water onto the cloth and gently wipe the screen to loosen it. Don’t spray water directly onto the screen, and don’t use corrosive cleaning solutions, or you could permanently damage the screen. Remember, less is more, ’cause if any of that water seeps into the TV’s innards, it’s gonna fry it.

For the rest of the TV, like its case and ports, you can be a little more forceful, though not too much more. Most plastic TV casings are made of non-stick material, so any dust on them you should be able to just wipe off. Same goes for ports, and you especially don’t want to use any water on those.