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This Robot Can Pick Up More Than 260 Items Per Hour

This robot can pick up objects it hasn’t seen before by looking at them through a 3-D camera.

It assesses what would be the best point of contact based on its previous experience with lifting similar objects. The system, called Dex-Net, is being developed at UC Berkeley. With its left hand, the robot can grab objects and with its right hand, it can suck objects up. Using deep learning, the robot can decide […]

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IRobot's Evolution to the Roomba 880

iRobot has come a long way. Merging technology from the battlefield, to large scale floor cleaners, to toys into what would be the Roomba vacuum cleaner series. This ingenious invention has been around for over a decade and we’ll get a history lesson from their CEO Colin at the launch of the Roomba 880.

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