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The Pros and Cons of Facial Recognition

Credit: Adobe

Have you ever thought about how creepy it is that Facebook can recognize people in your pictures?

Even though there are many convenient benefits to facial recognition, it should also make you question if there is an invasion of your privacy occurring. Let’s dive a little deeper into the conversation and look at some pros and cons of facial recognition.


Safety and security are at the top of the pros list. This technology can help law enforcement agencies locate criminals and find children or elderly people. Facial recognition is also used in airports. Airports are consistently adding facial recognition technology to their security checkpoints. Knowing that you are constantly being watched will make someone less likely to commit a crime.

Facial recognition also offers a quick and automatic verification process. Your ID or keycode can be stolen, but your face cannot. Eventually, the technology is going to move into stores and people will be able to check out without having to pay on the spot. People’s faces will be scanned and recognized so that a proper transaction can take place. It is even being used in some bars to scan people’s faces as they wait in line to order a drink.


The biggest con is the threat to an individual’s privacy. Many cities have already banned real-time facial recognition surveillance use by law enforcement. There is also concern over people covering up their identities from cameras and other platforms. The technology has also shown to have difficulty fully recognizing people of color and women. If this is the case, there are concerns over misidentifying people.

If people’s information is being stored, there is concern over a breach in banks, police forces, and defense firms. Storing any sensitive personal data can always be compromised and it is understandable why people are concerned.

Is an attack on our privacy warrant the positives of facial recognition? The debate will continue to rage on…