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SpaceX Raising $500 Million for Satellite Internet Service

If there is one thing about the eccentric Elon Musk that can be said with absolute certainty, it is that the man is one of the biggest visionaries of the modern era.

He wants his SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket to be able to make regular to-and-from trips between Earth and space, and SpaceX is currently the most dominant company in the market of orbital rocket launches. This year, the Falcon 9 set a record for most trips taken with the same space vessel. Musk has also stated that there’s a 70% chance he will move to Mars. It’s like the old saying goes: If you want something done right, do it yourself. Musk is doing more for the advancement of technology than entire countries.

Along with everything else the mad genius has in store, he now wants to start up a satellite internet service known as Starlink. Musk’s company SpaceX is raising $500 million in order to fund the project. SpaceX has already launched a number of satellites into orbit earlier this year, and have been given government permission to launch over 12,000 satellites into orbit. If everything goes according to plan, the first set of satellites for the Starlink project should be up and running by the summer of next year.