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Netflix Updates ‘Continue Watching’ Feature

Credit: Unsplash

No more autoplaying into dropped shows.

Typically, when you finish watching a show or movie on Netflix, you get a “Continue Catching” bar full of stuff on your watchlist, as well as movies and shows you already started and haven’t yet watched all of. The obvious problem with this is that, if you stopped watching a show or movie midway through, it’s probably because you didn’t like it, so it’s annoying when Netflix autoplays into something you’re not interested in.

This quirk has been remedied with a new update rolled out to Netflix today. You can now go into shows and movies you’re no longer interested in, scroll down a bit, and click “Remove from Continue Watching” to axe them from your queue. Previously, you could only do this by manually messing with your watch history, individually removing shows and movies from the list, and even then you could only do that on a mobile device or PC. With this new update, you can quickly scrub your queue from any device, be it a phone, PC, or smart TV.

“Whether you’re deleting a new pick you’re not feeling, an old favorite you’ve rewatched too many times or Marie Kondo-ing your whole row, this new button lets you constantly keep your ‘Continue Watching’ row fresh and filled with the shows and movies you can’t wait to watch,” Netflix said in an official blog post.