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Apple Updating AirTag Security Measures

Credit: Unsplash

Concerns of stalking have prompted further refinements.

Yesterday, Apple announced that, with cooperation from law enforcement and security agencies, they would be adding new updates and refinements to their AirTag portable trackers. Since the device was released, it has proven helpful in helping people keep track of their belongings, but it has also become an unfortunately common tool for stalkers and abusers.

“We’ve become aware that individuals can receive unwanted tracking alerts for benign reasons, such as when borrowing someone’s keys with an AirTag attached, or when traveling in a car with a family member’s AirPods left inside,” Apple said in a statement. “We also have seen reports of bad actors attempting to misuse AirTag for malicious or criminal purposes.”

“We condemn in the strongest possible terms any malicious use of our products,” the company said.

Apple is updating AirTags to have louder, clearer tracking tones, so if one has been placed on someone without their consent, they can quickly identify it and dispose of it. The device’s algorithms are also being tweaked to better determine if it is being used to track someone long-distance. If the device is separated from its owner long-term, it will sound a warning to alert others to its presence.

“We are happy Apple is engaging in the conversation about victim safety and are continuing to improve safeguards. We hope others will follow their lead,” said Erica Olsen, director of the Safety Net Project at the National Network to End Domestic Violence.