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MIT Ends Business with China’s Huawei and ZTE


Much like Apple in China, Huawei can’t catch a break in the US.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has cut ties with Chinese tech companies Huawei and ZTE after the alleged sanctions violations the two companies have been facing since last year. According to the educational institution, they will be unplugging all telecom equipment from these two companies, in addition to other Chinese firms, in order to avoid losing its funding from the US federal government.

MIT’s vice president for research Maria Zuber said in a letter on the MIT website, “MIT is not accepting new engagements or renewing existing ones with Huawei and ZTE or their respective subsidiaries due to federal investigations regarding violations of sanction restrictions.”

Even collaborations with countries such as Russia and Saudi Arabia would also “face additional administrative review procedures.” Zuber adds, “The institute will revisit collaborations with these entities as circumstances dictate.”

MIT is not the only educational institution to stop its partnership with Chinese firms. Oxford University from the UK also stopped accepting funding from Huawei earlier this year. Meanwhile, Huawei denies all allegations made. In a statement, the company said, “We’re disappointed by MIT’s decision, but we understand the pressure they’re under at the moment.” Huawei also added, “We trust the US judicial system will ultimately reach the right conclusion.”