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How to Cool Down an Overheating Phone

Credit: Unsplash

Because no one wants to reach for their phone and get a handful of soup.

This summer is slated to be quite the spicy one, especially if you live in the western United States. You should definitely watch out for signs of heat stroke, and take measures to prevent it: stay hydrated and don’t stay in direct sunlight too long. Your body isn’t the only thing at risk of heat stroke, either; your smartphone is just as susceptible to overheating in the sun, and unlike you, it can’t cool down by having water poured on it.

Whether you’re out and about or at home, you should treat your phone much like how you treat yourself on a hot day. Your first and foremost course of action should be to keep it out of direct, bright sunlight. Don’t leave it on a windowsill or a sunny shelf, and if you’re using it, do so in a shady spot. Try not to leave your phone in your pocket, as the cramped, insulated space will cause heat to gather around and within it. If you have a bag or backpack, it may be better to leave it in there.

If your phone is still getting too hot, it may be using too much data, or otherwise overdrawing from its battery. Go into your phone’s settings and turn down the brightness, switch it to airplane mode, or do whatever else you can to reduce your phone’s processing load. You should also refrain from playing games or using other intensive apps, as that’ll turn your phone into a hot brick in no time.

Credit: Unsplash

If all else fails, visit Amazon or your local electronics shop to purchase a phone cooler. These nifty peripherals are similar to the cooling devices in your computer, employing fans and liquid chambers to syphon off some of the heat. Placing a desktop fan over your phone will also work in a pinch, though this obviously a lot less portable.