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From Plumber To Tennis Player

In celebration of Walmart’s release of an exclusive Nintendo Switch bundle featuring “1-2-Switch” and “Mario Tennis Aces” coming in September, UnCached is going to settle the score on how great this grand slam game really is. The bundle, which will cost 360 dollars, features a red and blue neon joy con and comes with the two aforementioned games’ download code.

Mario’s sports legacy has taken him kart racing, to the olympics, and of course, to the tennis greens. With this latest release, Mario goes on an adventure with a story mode that incorporates tennis mini games with puzzles and surprises galore. The game boasts the same, colorful graphics of any staple 3-D Mario title, but lacks in comparison to the release of “Super Mario Odyssey.”

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t tons of fun. The unique tactics employed, awesome character roster including newcomers in the fall like Birdo, and engaging campaign makes it the 8th Mario tennis game in the series, and the first one to have a story mode since 2005. Its a refreshing take, and watching your characters perform their “final smashes” is always a joy.

While its the same formula, just redone for the switch with improved controls and graphics, it still makes a standout in the series as being innovative in the ways it can. While we would love to see more main series Mario games and less sports spin-offs, when its done correctly like Aces is, we’re just as satisfied.