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Finding Glory With The OPPO Find X

Here in the U.S., we’re obsessed with Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy cell phone lines. But around the world, there’s a new smart phone that’s being renowned as one of the sleekest, most advanced Android smartphones on the import market. While super hard to find and get your hands on, the OPPO Find X is essentially an iPhone X on steroids.

On the outside, it has a sleek and compact design. No buttons on the front, no camera on the back, a slight curve to the surface, and a panoramic 6.4 inch screen that has a 93.8% ratio when compared to space on the front of the phone that isn’t the screen. It’s not only stunning to look at, but it uses a lot of the same technologies as the iPhone X and runs on the fastest form of Snapdragon, meaning lightning fast speeds.

“But where’s the camera?” Yeah, that’s what I said, too. This beast has a motorized camera that conceals itself when not in use, making for more sleek space. It will slide up when you use Face ID to unlock the phone, and can easily be opened to take stunning selfies and glorious environmental shots with a 20 and 16 megapixel dual rear facing camera.

Worried you’re too clumsy for a phone this exquisite? It’s rough exterior has underwent over 300,000 drop tests to prove its durable as well as sleek. But like I said, there’s no easy way to get this phone in the U.S., as the phone’s website doesn’t even have a purchasing option. It’s import only, won’t be sold at any of your electronic stores, and seems like a pipe dream of the phone we all wish we had.