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Five Last-Minute Gadget Stocking-Stuffers

Credit: Skyroam

…have you seriously not done your holiday shopping yet?

I get it, life happens, we don’t always have time to hunt around for presents, big or small. But come on dude, the holiday combo starts next week. If you don’t have your gifts lined up already, you’re really cutting it close. Well, don’t worry, I’ve got some ideas for techy presents small enough to stick in a stocking. What’s that? Are they cheap? Well, you should’ve thought about that on Black Friday, now shouldn’t you?

Skyroam Solis X

Nothing kills the holiday mood faster than knocked out internet. If your wi-fi goes kaput and you desperately need something to distract your family from bringing up politics, this handy portable hot spot is just what you need. You’ll have to buy a data plan to use it, but it’ll give you 4G wi-fi at the touch of a button. Plus it doubles as a battery pack in case the power goes out, but you still really need that distraction.

Credit: Ember Labs

Ember Wave Bracelet

Got handy work that needs doing, but your fingers are frozen in the cold? Instead of sacrificing your dexterity with mittens, try this toasty gadget. Through a process I admittedly don’t completely understand, the Wave Bracelet allows you to control your body temperature, either raising or lowering it up to five degrees. Obviously not a substitute for a coat, but nice when it’s a bit nippy inside.

Credit: Tile/Amazon

Tile Pro Tracker

We’re going to be late for the family holiday party, but gosh darn it, Mom lost track of her keys again. That’s not a hypothetical, this happens to my family pretty often. I ought to get my Mom a Tile tracker. Just clip it onto your keys, then when they’re lost (not if, when), use their companion app to track them up to 400 feet. Unless they’re lost in a completely different house, you’ll find them in no time.

Credit: Logitech/Amazon

Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless Mouse

For the family gaming enthusiast, nothing says thoughtfulness like a quality gaming mouse. This clever gizmo features eleven programmable shortcut buttons, customizable RGB lights, and wireless charging capability via an optical gaming pad. And if they have any misgivings about wireless mice (which would be understandable), it can also switch to wired mode for some extra stability.

Credit: Roku/Amazon

Roku Streaming Stick

Parents refuse to unplug their cable? Sneak a Roku Streaming Stick onto their TV and show them what they’re missing. An untold number of channels free and paid, and fast, 4K streaming from the big boys like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+. My sister snuck one of these onto my parents’ TV, and now they barely even watch cable anymore.