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Classic Throwback: Sega Genesis Mini

Credit: TechSpot

Genesis does what Ninten-don’t. Except, y’know, when they do.

Despite the mind-blowing technology that games use today, a lot of folks are still fascinated by the classic games from decades ago. Everyone has their own reasons for getting into the retro scene, but whatever the reason, gamers are interested and gaming companies are taking advantage of it.

The Sega Genesis Mini is set to hit stores on September 19th at the (comparatively) low price of $80. The console will come with 42 games and two wired controllers that replicate the original Genesis three-button controllers. This is the perfect way to bring back some of those childhood memories from the 90s.

Classic games such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Streets of Rage 2, and Ecco the Dolphin are all included. Many of the other games that people loved growing up are included as well. Just be careful not to binge play like a good rainy Netflix afternoon!

The console allows you to save games so that you can come back to them later, but you are not able to rewind like some of the newer consoles. The controller will also really bring you back in time with its identical look and feel as the original. Just be aware that the remote is a bit quirky when you are trying to select a game from the main menu; some menu glitches and skips have been reported from early reviewers.

But there really is not much more anyone looking to return to their 16-bit glory days could possibly ask for with this system. The new generation of gamers will appreciate the games of the old days and appreciate the games they have available to them even more today! It won’t take long for you to remember why Sega gave Nintendo such a big run for their money in the 90s.