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Anthropic Launches Claude AI Chatbot in Europe, Emphasizing Security and Privacy


Credit: Unsplash

Anthropic, a leading artificial intelligence startup with backing from Amazon, announced on Monday the launch of its Claude AI assistant across Europe. Starting Tuesday, individuals and businesses in European countries will have access to Claude through web platforms and an iOS mobile app.

The launch includes both a free version of Claude and subscription-based plans catering to different user needs. The paid subscription, Claude Pro, grants access to all models, including Claude 3 Opus, the company’s most advanced offering. Additionally, Anthropic introduced Claude Team subscription plans tailored for business use.

Dario Amodei, CEO and co-founder of Anthropic, underscored the company’s commitment to accuracy, security, and privacy in the design of Claude. This emphasis aligns with growing concerns about the impact of AI advancements on jobs and privacy, prompting regulatory efforts to govern the technology. Earlier this year, the European Union Parliament passed the AI Act, the world’s first major regulatory framework for AI, aimed at categorizing and mitigating the risks associated with AI deployment.

Anthropic’s Claude assistant boasts fluency in multiple European languages, catering to a diverse user base. While has been available in the UK, its expansion to EU and non-EU countries marks a significant milestone for the product’s accessibility.

Anthropic’s rapid rise in the generative AI market, coupled with Amazon’s substantial investment in the company, has drawn regulatory scrutiny. Concerns have been raised about the potential impact on competition, particularly regarding Amazon’s partnership with Anthropic. Regulators in the UK are assessing whether such investments could compromise independence or lead to effective mergers.

Amazon maintains that its investment in Anthropic constitutes a limited corporate partnership, while Microsoft similarly defends its engagements with AI startups. Despite regulatory scrutiny, Anthropic’s launch of Claude in Europe signals continued innovation and expansion in the AI landscape.