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A Surprising Apple Reveal?


The arrival of Fall means that Apple is about to launch its new line of products.

The launch event is set to take place next week. Rumors are always rampant around this time as to what Apple may unveil, and this year is no exception.

MacRumors has leaked that people should expect to see the release of the long-rumored augmented reality (AR) glasses project. Tim Cook has been on record saying that AR is an extremely important frontier that Apple wants to tackle and conquer in the future. With its prevalence in gaming, maps in iOS13, and third-party apps, such as IKEA and American Airlines, Apple can’t ignore the popularity.

Most of the power is expected to still be located in the cell phone, similar to how the Apple Watch works. Business customers, including manufacturers and other specialized industries, will get the first crack at the glasses, but it is expected to be in high demand very soon after.

The timing couldn’t be any better for Apple. There are not too many upgrades and updates to their phones and 5G is still a year or so away, so this is the perfect way to generate some buzz about an Apple product.

AR glasses would be able to provide immediate visual feedback about the actual world around us. We wouldn’t need to look down at our phone to learn about anything that we have questions about. It will be interesting to see if Apple does move forward with the unveiling of its glasses next week.