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Even TVs Can Collect Data on You, Thanks to Samsung

Samsung’s Smart TV could potentially record what you are saying in your living room and send it to third parties.

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Here’s The Samsung Device That Finally Convinced Apple Go To War

  At the start of a new round in their long-running patent feud, Apple Inc. accused Samsung Electronics Co. of copying its breakthrough iPhone to remain competitive, while Samsung said it is being targeted as a proxy for Apple’s rivalry with Google Inc. An excerpt from Yukari Iwatani Kane’s “Haunted Empire: Apple After Steve Jobs” […]

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Gesture: The New Way to Connect With Your Gadgets

Let’s face it, the mouse can be clunky and touchscreens can sometimes provide a better solution, but not always. We’ll be joined by representatives from Leap Motion, Pelican Imaging, and Samsung Mobile, companies helping to rethink the ways we interact with our machines. Use of gesture is the new frontier in terms of how users […]

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Samsung Confirms It Has A Design Problem, No Matter What Its Marketing Team Says

  In recent weeks, Samsung has defended the plastic design of the Galaxy S5 in interviews and in blog posts on its own site, explaining that the phone packs less bloatware than previous flagship devices, and released ads that send a “Galaxy S5 is cool” message . All this happened while Samsung also had to […]

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Researcher Finds Flaw In Samsung Fingerprint Check

  Remember back in September when a couple of researchers figured out how to bypass the iPhone 5S’ fingerprint lock with a fancy fake rubber finger ? Turns out, the fingerprint sensor on Samsung’s new Galaxy S5 falls victim to the very same trick. They didn’t even have to make a new mold. German researchers […]

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New Smart TVs by Samsung, launched in US

Everyone wants to be assured that they are provided the superior quality products at affordable prices so that they can get value for their money. Samsung is among those brands that ensure that the customers are provided the most feasible options for their purchases that will allow them to reap huge amount of potential benefits […]

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