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Dry-Clean Your Clothes at Home With AirDresser

Credit: Unsplash

Deep-clean those suits in your own closet.

Dry-cleaning is annoying. I don’t wear a lot of clothes that are dry-clean only, because anything you can’t just throw in the washer at the end of the week is too much work for me. But the rest of my family had to for one reason or another growing up, which means one of us always had to schlep over to the cleaners twice a week to drop off the shirts and pick them up again. It’s annoying, time-consuming, and occasionally expensive. Wouldn’t it be better if you could just do it at home like the rest of your laundry? Well, I guess there’s ironing boards, but Samsung might have a better solution.

Samsung’s AirDresser is a high-tech closet capable of dry cleaning any clothes you leave in it in a four step process. First, the clothes are blasted with jets to remove dust from the inside and out. Then, the clothes are sanitized with cleaning solution to remove any gross germs. Next, a heater slowly and carefully dries the clothes off at a steady temperature. Finally, a filter gets rid of any lingering odors from the process. Badda-bing, badda-boom, fresh work shirts.

The device features a smart panel on the front that lets you customize the cleaning cycle to your liking. As an added bonus, it’s compatible with Samsung’s SmartThings platform, which means you can remotely control it with your phone or tablet. AirDresser also doesn’t require any kind of external hookup like a water line, and it’s pretty compact for the all the hardware it’s got inside. Just pick your favorite wall and plug it in.

The only catch to this wondrous device is that it ain’t cheap. The AirDresser is available with a base price tag of around $1,400. If you wear a lot of fancy shirts and really, REALLY don’t like going to the dry-cleaners, this could be a good investment. Or you’re a CEO and just want to look fancy.