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iPad Gaming By A Console Gamer

As a gamer for around 25 years now I have pretty much embraced all aspects of gaming. You know from tapes on my ZX Spectrum all the way to Blu Ray discs on the Playstation 3 and everything that was in between. I really never had an issue with any kind of gaming (well I […]

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iPad Mini 4G Review

In this epoch of technology, where different gadgets are available at ease, iPad Mini 4G is one of those gadgets, which everyone wants to own as soon as possible. The reason is the magnificent features along with alluring and smart looks of this device. Many people thought at the time of its launch that this […]

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Meditation – With iPad Apps

iPad offers multiple apps to its users. This is the reason why every user is excited about the applications that are offered by iPad. There are different people who have different interests. To make it more interesting these days the apps are getting more and more interactive and this has resulted in the increase in […]

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