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Notability App Adds Realistic Pencil Feature

Credit: Unsplash

Your notes on the app can look like real, hand-drawn notes.

Notability is a note-taking app available on Apple devices like iPads and iPhones. The app offers a simple and convenient way to take notes and memos, as well as create drawings and doodles. Of course, anyone who’s held a pencil knows that scribbling on a touchscreen isn’t exactly the same experience as drawing with real graphite… until now.

Notability creator Ginger Labs announced today that they’ve rolled out a new feature update for their app, aptly named “Pencil.” With Pencil mode, you can write out notes on Notability that have not just the appearance of hand-drawn notes, but even the consistency. This is accomplished through a special vector system that allows your “pencil” strokes to be infinitely resized; no matter how big or small your notes are, they’ll never lose quality or fidelity.

“Notability’s Pencil is perfect for note-taking, idea sketching and illustrating,” the developers explain in an announcement video. “Complete with pressure and tilt sensitivity when paired with Apple Pencil, the tool provides the most lifelike handwriting experience resembling digital graphite. For the first time, users can add dimension and shading to their notes in Notability. The Pencil tool enables custom colors, and because of the vector-based technology, users can even style and change the color of Pencil ink strokes at any point during the sketch creation.”

The Pencil feature is available now on the Notability app, and can be used standalone or in conjunction with an Apple Pencil.