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Samsung Galaxy S8 to the Rescue!

Photo Credit: SoyaCincau

A Samsung Galaxy smartphone helped save the lives of 20 people.

A boat carrying 20 people on an island-hopping excursion capsized in the waters off Bogo City. Luckily, the passengers were able to make a call with a Samsung Galaxy S8 phone to get help.

The phone was found submerged under water, but still able to be used to make a call. Because the water is so huge, the phone’s GPS was able to provide rescuers with their exact location. Samsung’s Galaxy phone was the only device that was able to connect and stay on after the boat capsized.

After reading stories like this, it is important to remember to keep your GPS locator on when travelling either by yourself or to remote areas. The Galaxy also allows you to send an SOS message if you are in trouble by enabling in your settings. Once turned on, you just have to tap on the power button three times and it will send out a help message to up to four emergency contacts.

Arguments about over-dependence on phones aside, there are moments like this where we should be thankful our technology has come such a long way!