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LG Developing New Optical Zoom Smartphone Camera

Credit: Unsplash

The camera is smaller, yet provides a more powerful zoom.

While LG has long since gotten out of the smartphone manufacturing scene, that hasn’t stopped them from developing the various parts and systems that go into them. Case in point, LG has been cutting their teeth on the development of new smartphone camera modules, and their latest development is especially impressive.

Recently, LG Innotek unveiled their newest creation: a smartphone camera module packing true optical zoom despite its reduced size. As opposed to digital zoom enhancement and hybrid lenses like most smartphone cameras have, this new module packs 4x to 9x zoom with a moving zoom actuator, the same kind of tech you’d see in a professional-grade camera. With this kind of tech, you can zoom in as far as you want without suffering any loss to image resolution.

“It will enhance the image tuning custom for the optics, which includes Auto-Focus, Auto-Exposure, Auto-White Balance, lens shading correction and much more. Users will be able to focus quickly. And the photos and videos will have stunning image quality,” LG wrote in a press release.

Additionally, thanks to the module’s compressed design, smartphones equipped with it will have more space inside for things like bigger batteries and more spacious hard drives. LG is planning to build this module into Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 smartphone, along with other models set to be unveiled at CES 2023.