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Hideo Kojima Beginning Work on New Game

And he needs a crack team of open-minded designers to do it.

Kojima Productions, creators of last year’s Death Stranding, is one of the more mysterious game development studios out there. This is only to be expected, seeing as it’s headed by the legendary (and legendarily eccentric) Hideo Kojima. But while Kojima’s mind is a fountain of oddly enrapturing game narratives, he’s not a one-man content factory. Like any creator, he needs a big team of creative, out-of-the-box thinkers to help him bring his newest dream to fruition. That’s probably why he doesn’t work for Konami anymore. Heyooooo.

Kojima announced today on the official Kojima Productions Twitter that the studio is beginning production on a new game project. What’s it about? Who knows, and I doubt we will know until it actually comes out, and possibly after that. But if Kojima’s works resonate with you and you’ve got some game design chops, this may be your lucky day. In addition to announcing the new project, Kojima has extended an invitation to prospective designers to come work for Kojima Productions at their office in Tokyo.

According to the careers page on the Kojima Productions website, they’re currently looking to hire programmers, artists, game designers, sound designers, writers, project managers, and more. I’d tell you what they’re looking for in greater details, but the individual listings are all in Japanese, with a big English warning at the top saying that all applicants must be fluent in the language. That’s one way to filter your prospective hires, I suppose.

Back in June, during an interview with LiveDoor News, Kojima confessed that one of his game ideas had fallen through, and he was a little depressed about it. Hopefully, this new project will give him a chance to make up for that missed opportunity and give us more of that delightful eccentricity we’ve come to know and love.