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Become a Motorcycle Superhero with CrossHelmet

I’d make a Kamen Rider reference, but I don’t think anyone would get it.

Maybe it’s because of the prevalence of Iron Man in the current decade’s popular culture, but there’s something really cool about having computer-y things pop up in your face while you’re driving. Perhaps it’s because only superheroes and secret agents used to have that kind of stuff, so they just make us cooler by proxy. So going by that theory, it doesn’t get much cooler than riding a motorcycle with computer-y stuff inside your helmet.

Funded via crowdfunding in 2017, the CrossHelmet aims to be a game-changer in the realm of motorcycle style and safety. This wondrous helmet is equipped with all sorts of modern bells and whistles to make your ride safe and make you look cool in the process.

Via a rear-facing wide-angle camera, the CrossHelmet can project a 360 degree view onto a small screen above the visor, which is great for eliminating a motorcyclist’s numerous blind spots. That screen can also project GPS data such as navigation, time, battery level, and a virtual compass. The helmet also features a built-in Bluetooth sound system that can stream music and map directions from a phone. If you’re comfortably cruising, you can also use an invisible touch panel on the side of the helmet to skip songs and whatnot. There’s even noise-cancelling functionality, which is certainly a boon considering how noisy of an affair bike-riding tends to be.

The helmet has several built-in LED safety strips that light up at night to keep you visible (and give you an awesome TRON aesthetic in the process). The LEDs, along with the other features, can run concurrently for about six hours on a full battery charge, after which you can recharge the helmet with normal USB-C charger.

The CrossHelmet is slated to ship some time this coming August for $1,799, though if you preorder, they’ll knock $200 off that. It’s a bit pricey, but hey, add a pink scarf and paint it red, and you’re basically Viewtiful Joe, so I’d call that a worthwhile investment.