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What To Expect From 2019 iPhones

Image from SlashGear

With all the smartphone releases happening recently, one can only wonder what Apple has up its sleeve for this year.

As usual, the tech company is expected to release its latest lineup of iPhones this coming September. There’s no definite news yet regarding the new phones, but numerous critics are already pitching their expectations for the new model.

First off, Apple is expected to keep on using OLED screens for its next-generation phones. The phones themselves are most likely going to be similar to the current designs of the XS and XR, but some are saying that the backs of the new phones may be made with frosted glass instead of regular glass or aluminum.

The new iPhones are also expected to be thicker by about a half millimeter, at least based on the report that first appeared on MacRumors. A triple-camera setup may also find itself at the back of the new phones, except for the newer XR model, which may just feature a dual-camera setup.

Under the hood, experts are anticipating a faster and more powerful processor for the new phones, most likely an A13 chip which Apple might begin mass-producing later this month.

Rest assured that we’ll have further updates for you as more reports come in, so stay tuned!