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Japan Reveals The World’s Fastest Bullet Train

Image from Engadget

There’s a reason bullet trains have a fandom: because they’re awesome.

Japan is already known as the home of technological prowess and world-class innovations, but it seems like this island nation isn’t done showing off its amazing skills and knowledge yet.

Japan has just unveiled the world’s fastest bullet train, the Alfa-X. This new generation train could travel at speeds going up to a whopping 400 kilometers per hour or 224 miles per hour. This is certainly a step higher from the current fastest speed of bullet trains in Japan and France, which tops at 200 miles per hour.

The train has a total of 10 electric cars manufactured by two Japanese companies, Kawasaki and Hitachi. Its most distinct and recognizable feature is its awfully long 72-feet nose that comes with the ability to elongate up to 52 feet in order to cope with the extreme speeds that the train will go through on a regular basis. However, this isn’t certain yet as Japan is still analyzing what the best nose length is by monitoring pressure and noise levels inside train tunnels.

Japan conducted the first test run of the Alfa-X yesterday, May 13, between Aomori City and Sendai City. It will still undergo plenty of testing before it becomes ready for release, hopefully in 2030.