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Google Wear OS Update

Google’s hand in the smartwatch game has been wonky since day one. Originally announced in 2014, nothing has really caught on for the company as it expands its line of technology. But, all of that could be changing with the newest look at Google Wear OS. Instead of feeling like a compact form of an Android operating system, Google Wear now acts like its own creation, integrating more beneficial scrolling and notification features.

Google Fit is also getting an upgrade with more ease of access. Developers focus on two things consumers want out of smartwatches besides to get the time. Mostly, those two things are fitness stats and the ability to talk to the Google assistant. A small and handy microphone button makes these things much easier than they were before. Say goodbye to clunkiness and hello to the new update that should roll out on all watches that sport a Wear OS 2.0 system.

While it might not be able to compete with the popularity of an Apple watch, those who are Google-loyal will be happy with the new, intuitive changes. While Google itself doesn’t have its own branded smartwatch, its operating system is shaping up so that hopefully, one day, they’ll produce their own competitor to Apple.

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