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Google Shuts Down Xiaomi Access Amid Security Concerns

Credit: Android Police

Leaked security feeds have prompted Google to ax Xiaomi’s access.

Yesterday, a Reddit user named Dio-V reported an unusual and alarming quirk in their Xiaomi Mijia security camera. The camera is connected to their Google Home hub, but when they tried to load up the camera feed, they received still shots from other peoples’ cameras. This included shots of peoples’ homes, people sleeping, and even babies in cradles. They had no idea why this was happening, as both the Mijia camera and the Google hub were brand new and running the latest firmware. The images also came through with strange corruption and artifacting, as well as timestamps for time zones far removed from Dio-V’s own.

It’s anyone’s guess as to why this is happening, but Google isn’t taking any chances. In response to this discovery, Google has completely blocked all connectivity between Google and Xiaomi accounts and devices. Google has stated that they have contacted Xiaomi about the problem and are currently working on a fix, but haven’t given a time frame for one as of writing. Xiaomi themselves have also yet to comment on the matter.

There have been multiple instances of smart cameras being hacked and hijacked over the past couple of years, but never of cameras spying on other homes of their own volition. How this could even occur is a mystery.