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‘Genshin Impact’ Named Apple’s Game of the Year

Credit: Unsplash

Users will receive a gift of in-game currency.

miHoYo’s Genshin Impact has shown no signs of slowing down on its meteoric rise to the forefront of the mobile gaming scene. I was in a Discord call last night with a couple of friends as one of them pulled the trigger on her mountain of Primogems in an effort to get Zhongli. She totally did, and it was awesome. Genshin Impact has become so ubiquitous and profitable, that the major app stores have had no choice but to officially recognize it.

After recently winning Game of the Year from the Google Play store (in Japan, anyway), Genshin Impact has swept the competition once again, winning Game of the Year from Apple as well. In just two months of operation, Genshin Impact has amassed nearly $400 million in profits, beating out some of the world’s most prolific mobile games, including Pokemon GO and PUBG Mobile, though falling a few mil short of the global leader, Honor of Kings.

“Travelers, We are once more thrilled to announce that Genshin Impact has won 2020’s App Store Game of the Year Award!” Genshin Impact‘s official Twitter wrote, in-character as the game’s mascot, Paimon. “Paimon would like to thank you all for your continued support. You are all amazing!”

In a follow-up announcement, the Twitter announced that as a little present for the userbase that has made this success possible, the game will be doling out a total of 800 Primogems, the game’s premium in-game currency, between December 3 and December 6. That’s enough gems for 5 gacha rolls, if you were wondering.

With more characters and content on the way and a Nintendo Switch port planned for an unspecified future release, Genshin Impact may be sticking around for quite a while, which means I can look forward to more marathon gacha rolls.