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First ‘Guilty Gear Strive’ DLC Character Arrives in July

Credit: Unsplash

Whoever it is, this will be their first playable appearance.

The latest installment in Arc System Works’ legendary fighting game series, Guilty Gear Strive, is releasing on Friday, and I’m just pleased as punch. Nothing puts some pep in your step like buff anime dudes beating the snot out of each other while awesome heavy metal plays in the background. The base roster for the game has already been fully divulged, while DLC characters for the game’s first season pass have been kept under wraps. While we don’t know who the characters will be, who do know when they’re coming.

During the Early Access Showcase stream Arc System Works held on Sunday, an outline for the release of the DLC characters was teased. The first DLC character will be added to the game in July 2021, the second will be added in August, and the remaining three will come out this fall and beyond. As for who these characters will be, no names or teasers were provided, but they did give us a hint for the first and second characters: the first one will be a character who has appeared in previous Guilty Gear games but has never been playable, while the second one will be a returning playable character. There’s a lot of potential candidates for both of those, though personally, I’m hoping for President Gabriel of Zepp. I’ve wanted to play as him since he absolutely bodied Bedman with his bare hands in Xrd: SIGN.

In addition to the characters, the devs revealed some extra content that would be coming to the game post-release. In addition to the extra story, stages, and palettes included in the season pass, there will also be a Combo Maker mode where players can record and upload their favorite combo inputs, as well as a Digital Figure mode where you can pose characters in virtual dioramas to take pictures.

Guilty Gear Strive releases this Friday, June 11.