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Next-Gen Nintendo Switch Could Release By End of 2021

Credit: Unsplash

We might get a new and improved Switch in time for Christmas.

Rumors that Nintendo is developing an upgraded version of the Nintendo Switch console have been swirling for at least a couple of years now. What, precisely, inspired these rumors isn’t entirely clear, beyond the fact that Nintendo’s last console, the 3DS, received its own bigger and better version in the form of the New 3DS. Even so, the rumors have persisted, with expectations for the so-called “Switch Pro” including things like an OLED display and an improved graphics card. According to an exclusive Bloomberg report, these rumors may not be the stuff of fiction for much longer.

The Bloomberg report claims that, according to an anonymous insider, Nintendo has already finalized the design for a next-gen Switch console and plans to begin assembling them en masse in July, possibly after formally announcing its existence at E3 next month. After that, the console is expected to be commercially available in either September or October, in time for the 2021 holiday season. It’s assumed that this new version would cost more than its $299 counterpart, due both to the expected increase in processing power and the ongoing parts shortage affecting the entire electronics industry, not to mention rising costs of labor in assembly plants. Still, with the recent releases of the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X/S, a new Switch iteration may be necessary for Nintendo to stay competitive.

“An upgraded Switch can be extremely valuable in extending the lifecycle of the platform,” says Bloomberg analyst Matthew Kanterman. “Both Sony and Microsoft have had success with mid-cycle upgrades as a means to drive growth from live services and, as this becomes a greater driver for Nintendo, not fragmenting the user base across different platforms would be advantageous.”

Nintendo representatives have declined to comment on the matter as of writing.