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AI Reactor Battles Climate Change with Algae

Credit: Hypergiant

Instead of letting algae clutter the ocean, let’s put it to work!

As global warming wears down the polar ice caps and the ozone, three things become waaay more plentiful: water, light, and carbon dioxide. As it so happens, those are the three exact things algae needs to grow and proliferate. So much algae is popping up in the ocean, that it’s actually starting to become a bit of a problem. But consider this: the carbon dioxide that is making algae grow is coming from human emissions. What if we could redirect more, or even all of those emissions toward the algae and let them eat their fill while the ozone stays safe? That’s what Hypergiant is trying to figure out.

AI tech company Hypergiant has designed the EOS bioreactor. Basically, it’s really big algae incubator controlled by a special AI program. By optimizing the algae’s growth and environment, it can capture carbon dioxide emissions en mass. In fact, this one machine’s algae could absorb as much carbon dioxide as an entire acre of trees, and thanks to its AI, nobody would need to keep an eye on it.

In addition to refining the EOS bioreactor, Hypergiant is planning on publicly releasing plans for a DIY version that anyone could make. While one bioreactor can nab a lot of carbon, it’d take a lot of them to make a measurable impact on the planet. Hypergiant hopes that if plans for such a device are publicly available, people will take the initiative and join in the fight against climate change.