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Playing Keys

Kyle Russell takes a look at Keys the Keyboard and midi controller that anyone can play

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IRobot's Evolution to the Roomba 880

iRobot has come a long way. Merging technology from the battlefield, to large scale floor cleaners, to toys into what would be the Roomba vacuum cleaner series. This ingenious invention has been around for over a decade and we’ll get a history lesson from their CEO Colin at the launch of the Roomba 880.

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All about hardware and lost data

Data can be lost from an information system due to several reasons. It could be due to negligence, corrupt system, system failure or sudden loss of power when transferring or processing data. Whatever the reason of data loss, it should be prevented and avoided at all cost. Systems should be upgraded and checked on regular […]

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Top Ways to Upgrade Your Hardware

The need for a computer device, whether in the form of a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone is something which can’t be ignored. Most of our lives are now dependent on computers and the average user spends almost half of a day on these devices altogether.  Even though there have been many improvements and […]

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