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Overwatch’s Best Ultimate Abilities

Overwatch is known for its diverse cast of playable characters, but some of the abilities feel super bland. Take, for example, the number of shields we have: from Reinhardt to Brigitte to Zarya, it can get pretty stale. So let’s take a look at the ultimate abilities from each class (Offense, Defense, Tank, Support) that really set the game apart from other shooters.

Offense: Reaper
Reaper’s “Death Blossom” is one of the most iconic moves from the game. Having a grim reaper explode into a flourish of bullets not only looks awesome in-game, but we’ve all been surprised when a Reaper floats down out of nowhere and demolishes the team with the click of one Q. While it might not be the most balanced, it certainly is one of the most fun and exciting.

Defense: Bastion
Another character who is defined by their ultimate ability, Bastion goes from being a corner-sitting bullet machine to an all out war blazer with “Configuration: Tank.” All of the defense characters have unique abilities (except Widowmaker) so it was hard to choose exactly which one to highlight. Hanzo’s “Dragonstrike” is definitely a runner-up, and would have made the list if it wasn’t so hard to land.

Tank: D.Va & Zarya
Okay, so I couldn’t pick one. These two lovely ladies in pink have ultimates that do the complete opposite. “Graviton Surge” piles all your enemies in one place, making for a great combo starter to be followed by any offensive character’s Q ability. D.Va, on the other hand, makes the enemy team scatter with “Self-Destruct.” Both are game-changing in their own right when landed correctly.

Support: Moira
We all know this spot would have belonged to Mercy if she didn’t lose her mass resurrection and “Valkyrie” wasn’t nerfed over and over. Moira’s “Coalescence” on the other hand, is literally the perfect blend of offensive power and defensive healing that brings out the true spirit of her character. It always feels so satisfying to have such a versatile tool that can wipe down opponents through barriers or top off a dying team.

Agree with the list? Disagree? Meet me on the battlefield and we can test it out.

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