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Which Tech Company Consumes One-Third Of Our Lives?

There’s one tech-based company that seems to be dominating our lives, and it might not be the one you think it is. According to Axios, Google and its products accounted for over 34 percent of the digital media we consumed in June. This staggering number also revealed that the average American spends 24 hours a week online according to Technology Review.

“But I don’t spend that much time on Google” you might say. However, you may not realize that Google owns a ton of companies and digital brands that you might spend hours a day using, from Waze to Youtube. What’s even more astounding is the amount of time the average person spent on Facebook decreased by 10 percent in June, just like all their stocks and market value are decreasing, too.

So maybe it will be worthwhile to Google yourself and see what’s out there, since we’re already spending one-third of our lives on their platform in some way, shape, or form. And in other Google-esque news, the company is looking to launch a censored search platform in China after years of resistance. Check out just how the search engine giant plans on growing by viewing the playlist above, and happy searching!