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Unico Connect Expands to French Market with Innovative Software Solutions


Credit: Unsplash

Leading Software Development Agency’s Move to France to Redefine Development Practices

Unico Connect, a leading Software Development Agency renowned for its innovative approach, has announced its ambitious expansion into the French market. This strategic move reflects the company’s vision to revolutionize the software development landscape with its transformative low-code/no-code solutions.

Unico Connect aims to introduce its customizable solutions to a broader audience, emphasizing the versatility and adaptability of its offerings beyond traditional development practices. With a strong foothold in the industry, Unico Connect has established itself as a prominent player, recognized for its unique approach and diverse domain expertise in education, fintech, healthcare, hospitality, and e-commerce.

The company’s use of platforms like Xano, Weweb, Webflow, FlutterFlow, Bubble, Airtable, Retool, and Make enables the delivery of expedited digital solutions. Unico Connect’s strategy revolves around leveraging low-code/no-code platforms and AI tools, democratizing development, and making digital solutions accessible to startups, organizations, and enterprises.

Malay Parekh, CEO of Unico Connect, expressed excitement about the expansion, stating, “Unico was founded with a vision to be one of the best software development agencies globally, providing innovative and customizable solutions. We are thrilled to share Unico’s capabilities and achievements through our France expansion. This is a significant milestone for the company and a testament to our commitment to driving business growth through technology innovation.”

Unico Connect looks forward to bringing its transformative low-code/no-code solutions to a wider audience in the French market, further establishing its position as a leader in the software development industry.