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Apple’s iOS 17.4 Beta Introduces 118 New Emojis


Credit: Unsplash

iPhone Coming in with a New Update and Lots of Fun Emojis

Apple’s latest iOS 17.4 beta, released on Thursday, Jan. 25, has unveiled 118 new emojis, offering iPhone users a colorful array of expressive icons. While currently exclusive to iPhone developers, the new emojis are anticipated to be available to the general public when iOS 17.4 officially launches in March.

Among the new emojis are fresh additions like the phoenix, brown mushroom, lime, and a broken chain, alongside variations of existing emojis with different skin tones or orientations. Notable adjustments include emojis depicting people walking, running, kneeling, using wheelchairs, using white canes, and four new gender-neutral family group emojis.

Despite the exciting update, users won’t find these new emojis on their keyboards just yet. Although Unicode version 15.1.0 was approved on Sept. 12, there is typically a delay between approval and release. Emojipedia had initially estimated the availability of the new emojis in early 2024.

It’s worth noting that the appearance of each emoji may vary slightly depending on whether users are on Apple or Android smartphones.

In a related context, the previous emoji update included highly anticipated additions such as a pink heart, a shaking-head smiley, and emojis depicting a donkey, moose, and goose.

According to Emojipedia, despite the influx of new emojis, simple ones continue to be popular among users. The top three most-used emojis in 2023 were the crying-with-laughter face, the rolling-on-the-floor-laughing face, and the simple red heart. Additionally, three new heart emojis in different colors (pink, blue, and gray) and the shaking face were among the most popular additions from the 2023 release.