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Sing All Day With a Wireless Shower Speaker

Photo Credit: Crunch Reviews

It’s like karaoke, except you don’t have to do it front of other people.

You know how good of a singer you are, especially in the shower. The acoustics are perfect for your tone and pitch. And now, you can bring your backup orchestra into the shower with you anytime you’d like!

The VicTsing SoundHot C6 Portable Waterproof and Bluetooth Speaker is available for the low price of under $20. You can bring this portable speaker with you anywhere that water can be found. You will never have to worry about the water vapor muffling the speaker sounds and it can handle water sprays and splashes. Just don’t submerge the speaker in water, as that will affect it.

A powerful battery and solid HD sound makes this the perfect gift for your favorite shower singer. A battery life of 6 hours should allow this speaker to be functional for you for an entire week, if not more (unless you like really long showers, maybe). It comes with hooks and a suction cup that make it easy to hang anywhere in the shower.

It is compatible with all iOS and Android devices, so you can connect your favorite tunes from just about any phone. Just remember, long songs could lead to cold showers, so make sure your playlist gets you in and out!

And, as a bonus, it has a built-in microphone that allows you to take calls from it as well. Never miss important information from your best friends, even while you are in the shower. Just maybe don’t mention you’re in the shower while you’re talking, or you might get some weird looks next time you see them.